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After building and moving into her dream home,  Alice began to experience unexplainable occurrences that slowly increased in frequency.  It wasn’t until guests started having the same strange occurrences, that Alice realized something real was happening in her home.

Then one night, when bizarre lights began to appear in her bedroom, Alice decided she had enough.  This was a new phenomenon, and it terrified her because she could not reconcile it with any experience that she ever had before.  “I could not stay at my home at night alone anymore!” Alice recounts the moment she decided to move out and seek out for help.  That was the defining moment a paranormal team started investigating, and a DVR system was permanently installed in the home.



When a close friend reached out to John regarding Alice Jackson who needed help with the bizarre occurrences at her home, John was reluctant to accept this case at first.   After some thinking John decided to at least go talk to her “When I met Alice it was an instant connection, and after questioning her and listening to her stories, I knew she was confused and desperately seeking answers for what has been happening in her home”  John was then invited by Alice Jackson to set up shop in her home permanently for his paranormal research.

Ten years later, data and evidence continues to be collected to span one of the longest paranormal investigations ever recorded. 

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United States Veteran USN 1984 to 1988 - Operations Specialist with a Secret clearance. Part of the ship “snoopy” team.  Cooney was trained to identify surface and air contacts on the radar with the naked eye.  He was part of the SSDF (Ships Self Defense Force) at Little Creek, VA. 

Brad Cooney got into the paranormal after seeing a local news segment on Alice Jackson's home.  Brad was hooked for life after his first paranormal investigation at Alice's home, and has been investigating, gathering data, and analyzing footage for over 3 years.

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